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Founded in 1955, OWC Verlag für Außenwirtschaft has been keeping readers up-to-date on the economic situation in global markets for more than sixty years, focusing on Eastern and Central Europe and Asia. Our publishing house publishes economic journals and reference books; our publications OstContact, ChinaContact and IranContact are a reliable source of information for foreign trade decision makers. OWC is headquartered in Germany’s capital Berlin. OWC has correspondents in Russia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Ukraine and Belarus.

Our mission

The target regions of Central and Eastern Europe and Asia offer a  multitude of opportunities for investors and exporters – even in difficult times. In recent years, western European companies have profited from  these dynamic markets: They have signed thousands of contracts  and established countless subsidiary companies. And there is no sign of the interest letting up. Despite economic and political crises in some Eastern European countries many of German, Austrian and Swiss companies are benefiting from the business opportunities in these regions.

It is precisely these markets that the publishing house, OWC-Verlag für Außenwirtschaft GmbH, has in its sights. Our publications inform our readership about industry trends, legal frameworks, the involvement of foreign companies, investment opportunities, special regional factors, corporate strategies, infrastructure projects, personnel recruitment, financial options, trade fairs and exhibitions, questions on customs duty, trade restrictions, business delegations, opening an office and much more. By the practitioner, for the practitioner – that is the claim the publisher seeks to uphold when selecting writers: entrepreneurs with their own business in the region, bankers, consultants, lawyers and representatives of industry associations and chambers of  commerce abroad.

In its new publications „zehn“ and GlobalContact the publishing house also pays attention to global foreign trade processes. Our online news portal reports daily on the latest economic developments in all countries from the publishing portfolio.

Our history

OWC Verlag was founded in 1955 in Hamburg. The cooperation with trade associations dealing with the trade with  socialist countries, as well as with Germany’s trade relations with the member states of the Council for Mutual Economic Assistance (CMEA), began with the publication of the ”Information about Inner German Trade and Trade between the East and the West”. Later, the magazine was renamed to “ost-west-commerz”; in 1993 it was renamed yet again to “Ost-West-Contact”. After the first China appendices to the magazine in 1997, ChinaContact was published for the first time. The focus is thus still on Eastern and Central Europe as well as the Central and East Asian region, in particular the People’s Republic of China.

As a result of working with the Institute for  Foreign Trade in Düsseldorf (Institut für Außenwirtschaft, IfAD GmbH) in 2006, the OWC Verlag established a joint venture with Vogel Business Media GmbH & Co. KG. KG (Würzburg) in which the two shareholders each held a 50 percent stake. However, this endeavor was abandoned in August 2008. IfAD GmbH became a wholly-owned subsidiary of OWC Verlag für Außenwirtschaft GmbH.

In September 2015 Ulf Schneider, Managing Partner of SCHNEIDER GROUP, acquired majority shares of the company, and the head office of OWC Verlag was moved to Berlin. Since the spring of 2016 Ulf Schneider is the sole shareholder of the publishing house.

With the change of management, the publishing house  modified its entire portfolio. The core publications OstContact and ChinaContact also experienced a relaunch at the end of 2016, as well as all other periodicals and special publications. A number of new products include the quarterly publication IranContact (since January 2016) and the bimonthly magazine GlobalContact (since November 2017). The website was relaunched in September 2017.


  • Founding of the magazine “Information on the Inner German Trade (“Information über den innerdeutschen Handel”)
  • Renaming of the magazine to “ Information on Inner German Trade and Trade between the East and the West” (“Information über den innerdeutschen Handel und Ost-West-Handel”)
  • Renaming of the magazine to “Information on Trade between the West and East” – official organ of the trade associations FRG-GDR and GDR-FRG (“Informationen über den west-ost-handel”)
  • 1973: Renaming of the magazine to “ost-west-commerz”
  • 1993: Last renaming to “Ost-West-Contact”
  • 1998: Economic Journal ChinaContact published for the first time in March as a separate edition
  • 1998: Launch of the website
  • 2002: Issue of the first reference book Investment and Site Manager China („Investments- und Standortführer China“) on CD-ROM
  • 2004: First edition of the magazine GermanyContact as a supplement in Chinese business newspapers
  • 2008: Launch of the Internet portal Investment and Site Manager Russia (Investitions- und Standortführer Russland), departure from the previous publishing form on CD-ROM
  • 2012: Complete relaunch of the publisher’s website and beginning of Facebook activities
  • 2015: OWC Verlag becomes part of the SCHNEIDER GROUP; closing down of the publisher’s office in Münster
  • Relaunch of all publications

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Our team

Journalists with many years’ experience in foreign trade work at OWC.  Along with professional marketing, graphics and IT specialists, they produce top quality print and online publications on which you can base your assessments and market decisions. The editorial work is based on extensive research from the headquarters in Berlin as well as locally in German, English and the national languages ​​of the respective regions.

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Communications and partnerships

Take advantage of OWC’s extensive contacts with companies and institutions that support business and the target group-specific distribution of OWC media to secure your business success through:

  • Advertisements and company profiles in the OWC publications;
  • Presentation in the OWC online portal, banner advertisements;
  • Media partnerships for trade fairs and congresses and advertisements in our Event calendar.

We look forward to sharing our expertise with you!

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How to find us

Our address: Ritterstraße 2B, 10969 Berlin, Germany

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